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Things People Decide Within 8 Seconds of Meeting You

First impressions are important and skin deep.  It's what psychologists call thin slicing, or the ability to form judgments and make decisions on very small information bits.  According to research published by Business Insider, people make character decisions about us in 0.1 seconds based on our gait, dress, and looks.  These character decisions don't always reflect our actual behavior; only how we are perceived.  Here are the best ways to present ourselves based on the article:

  • Wear clothes featuring brand names - conveys higher status
  • Look people in the eyes - it makes you seem smarter; extra points if you wear glasses
  • Fitted or tailored clothes convey success
  • Shaved head?  Awesome - if a male, you're perceived as more dominant than males with a full mane
    • Comb over?  Yikes! That's the anti-respect signal
  • Visible tattoos convey promiscuity, low class, and heavy drinking; ink your body in places where everyday clothes will cover them
  • Loose walk, even strutting shouts independence, adventurousness, and extroversion
    • Clipped walking makes people seem neurotic and unreliable

What do you think?  Cheers!

Written by Eugene Ciurana on Thursday July 16, 2015
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