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Fixing devpi package uploads in a Python 3.6.5 world

Upgrading our virtualenv builds to use Python 3.6.5 and the latest versions of setuptools, wheel, pip, and virtualenv broke publication.  We use a private devpi server and it rejected the new packages with the error devpi upload does not contain PKGINFO, skipping.  This post explains the error cause and how to work around it until a permanent fix for devpi-client 4.0.1 is in place.

Written by Eugene Ciurana on Thursday April 5, 2018
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Archiving my DVD library

My DVD library is down to a few hard-to-find titles. Some foreign, some out of print, some from other regions. This post describes the set up and commands for backing them up to Matreoshka Video format using a headless Ubuntu server for later playback.

Written by Eugene Ciurana on Tuesday March 27, 2018
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